Saturday, 29 December 2012

January Sales

So I spotted these purses in Newlook - one of them I already own (the Hawaii one -top right-) and they are just brilliant. Due to the January sales I was able to pick up the I <3 London purse for just £2 and the Great Britain purse for £3.

The January Sales

It might not be January yet but the sales are already on after xmas. And although you might have to queue to get the best deals and push through those crowds you've got to admit the sales are great. Another down side to the sales is that most of the great gifts you bought people for Christmas are now so much cheaper and you could have saved all that money... But it's all for friends and family, right? We should really just move Christmas to January and save all that dosh!

It's a new year soon so what are your resolutions?
 Haven't thought of any yet? Get thinking!

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